Ink & Refill / Faber-Castell

Faber-Castell Refill Fountain
Ink converter for Faber-Castell fountain pens and ink cartridges in four colours.

Faber-Castell Rollerball and Ballpoint refill
Ballpoint refill and Rollerball refill for Faber-Castell Rollerball and ballpoint pens.

Faber-Castell lead for Faber-Castell mechanical pencils
Leads in various sizes and various grades of hardness.


Faber-Castell - Ink Bottle
Faber-Castell - Ink Cartridges
Short international standard - 6 pcs
Faber-Castell - Leads 0.7mm
Extremely break-resistant Super-Polymer leads for mechanical pencils
Faber-Castell - Leads 1.4mm
Leads for Faber-Castell 1.4mm
Faber-Castell - Ballpoint Refills
Refills for ballpoints
Faber-Castell - Rollerball Refills
Faber Castell - Converter
Ink Converter to refill with your own ink