Writing instruments / Otto Hutt 04 Matt

Otto Hutt Design 04 - Matt. The brass barrel has a fine satin finish. It is then coated with palladium, a special lacquer and matte finish. More lacquer coats are applied, ground, and polished by hand. The hardware components and cap sleeves are refined using platinum. Available in Sand, Pearl pink and Graphite grey.

All Otto Hutt Design 04 instruments remain true in every detail to the brand’s own principles: best workmanship, absolute functionality, long life and sustainability in terms of the materials used.


Otto Hutt Design 04 Matt - Harmony Set
Otto Hutt Design 04 Matt - Pearl Pink
Otto Hutt Design 04 Matt - Graphite Grey
Otto Hutt Design 04 Matt - Black
In matt black with a ruthenium finish
Otto Hutt Design 04 Matt - Sand
Available as Fountain, Rollerball, Ballpoint & Pencil
Otto Hutt - Ink Bottle
Otto Hutt - Ballpoint Refill Design 01/02/03/04/06/07