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Limited. Puristically elegant. Exclusivity as a statement. designC celebrates the 100th anniversary of Otto Hutt. Limited to 500 pieces. Worldwide.

Mark Braun, globally renowned as an unusual product designer, draws inspiration from the progressive design concepts of the Bauhaus movement. The common elements in his and Otto Hutt’s design philosophies laid the foundation for a very special collaboration on the occasion of the company’s 100th anniversary. This resulted in a timeless writing instrument – designC.

A consistent and yet minimalist design language. From the cap to the barrel – new standards of elegance. Made of precious 925 sterling silver, immaculately finished. designC promises stability for eternity.

Luxuriously wrapped, addressed to collectors. designC comes in an expressive silver box. An ideal gift for lovers of fine and limited edition writing instruments. Designed by Mark Braun and made of southern German thumbled leather.

Otto Hutt 100YRS booklet (2.2 MB)

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Otto Hutt designC - 100yrs Edition
Otto Hutt - Ink Bottle