Ink & Refill / Platinum

Platinum Classic Ink
The Classic inks are Iron Gall inks made by traditional Japanese methods. They are water resistant, dry extremely quickly and get darker when they dry. Available in 60ml bottles and Blue Black cartridges.

Platinum Ink
Dye based ink. Dries non permanent. Available as cartridges in 8 colours.

Platinum Refill & Ink Cleaner Kit
Ink cartridges for Platinum fountain pens. Ink converter to fill from you own ink and ink cleaner kit for Platinum fountain pens. Cleaning kit also available for European standard fountain pens.


Platinum Classic Ink - Bottles
Iron Gall Ink
Platinum Classic Ink - Cartridges
Iron Gall Ink
Platinum - Ink Cartridges (10 pcs)
Platinum - Ink Cartridges (2 pcs)
Platinum - Ink Cleaner Kit
Ink Cleaner Kit for fountain pens
Platinum - Ink Converter