Writing instruments / Pilot Custom Urushi

The Pilot custom Urushi, Fountain pen or ballpoint pen, represent the perfect combination of Namiki know-how and Pilot design & technology. The Urushi lacquer is used for each Namiki, it is the most beautiful natural pure lacquer in the world.

Urushi lacquer is produced by the male lacquer trees (Asian Rhus vernicifera), whose trunks are notched when they reach 10 years of age and which are felled immediately afterwards, to be replaced by young shoots. The harvest, which rarely exceeds 3 or 4 teaspoons per tree, lasts only a few days, chosen with a care and precision that leaves absolutely nothing to chance.

The complexity of this process explains this product’s rarity and value.


Pilot Custom Urushi - Black
Made of Ebonite coated with Urushi lacquer
Pilot Custom Urushi - Vermillion
Made of Ebonite coated with Urushi lacquer
Pilot - Iroshizuku Ink 50ml
An exclusive series of fountain ink produced in Japan by Pilot