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Caran dAche Pencil Sharpening Machine
Den ikoniska Caran d’Ache pennvässaren i metall. Klassisk, vacker och beprövad funktion sedan årtionden.

Swiss Wood Graphite Pencils
To celebrate the beauty of Swiss forests, Caran d’Ache brought the two versions of SWISS WOOD, with one of them completely new, in a gift set.

Grafwood Graphite Pencils
For specialists, a range of blacks from hard to soft. Each pencil is varnished in a colour that precisely depicts the hardness and depth of the black.

Superior quality pencil erasers
Ideal for technical or artistic use.


Caran dAche - Pencil Sharpening Machine
A beautiful object and time-tested tool
Caran dAche - Graphite Pencils
Caran dAche - Pencil Erasers