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Kaweco Limited Editions

Kaweco DIA 2 Amber Limited Edition Set
Classic set consisting of nostalgic fountain pen and ballpoint pen made of high-grade resin with elegant elements.

Kaweco ART Sport Turquoise Limited Edition
The Art Turquoise fountain pen is limited to 1000 pieces. This pen not only looks high quality. Because of the noble acrylic material, the fountain pen has also a very pleasant feel.

The Kaweco EYEDROPPER 1910
This pen has been produced in a limited edition of 800 pieces. The noble hard rubber barrel is decorated with a lavish guilloche engraving and single numbered. The EYEDROPPER comes in an exclusive bookcasket, printed with nostalgic Kaweco motives of the 1910‘s, with a genuine leather pouch and 6 packs of Kaweco ink cartridges.

Kaweco DIA2 Amber Limited Edition Set
Limited to 1000 pieces
Kaweco Art Sport Turquoise Limited Edition
The quantities per color are a maximum of 1000 pieces
Kaweco Eyedropper 1910 fountain pen
Produced in a limited edition of 800 pieces