Artist Corner / Papers: Arches

Arches Blocks
Made the traditional way, on a cylinder mould, this paper has a harmonious natural grain. The fibres are evenly distributed, making the paper more stable, with very limited deformation.

Arches Drawing Pad - 180g Extra White
A traditional paper, it constitutes a modern medium thanks to its extra white colour.

Arches Drawing Pad - 200g Cream
Made on a cylinder mould, 100% cotton, acid-free and without optical brightening agents. Cream in colour, ARCHESĀ® Drawing has a pronounced grain much appreciated for academic drawing.

Arches Sketch Pad - 105g Natural White
Natural white paper, 75% cotton, suitable for pastels, pencil, charcoal and sanguine crayons. Gelatin sized on the surface, certainly the most prestigious of laid papers, it is a favourite with fine arts schools all over the world.

Arches Aquarelle blocks
Water colour paper 300gsm
Arches Drawing & Sketching Pads