Artist Corner / Papers: Hahnemuhle

Cézanne & Leonardo Water Colour block
High quality, 100% cotton rag, mould-made watercolour board is natural white, acid free, lightfast and extremely resistant to ageing. The Pads are glued and gauzed to ensure flatness when wet.

The Grey Book
Light grey sketch paper, 120gsm with smooth surface well suited for working with Indian ink, fountain pens and acrylic markers as well as other water-based pens with minimum abrasion. Colours stand well on the light-grey, non absorbing surface. Subjects can be laid out from bright to dark and completed by setting white accents.

Watercolour book
This watercolour book is the ideal companion for artists who love to capture their holiday memories without delay. The natural white 200gsm paper features a fine grained surface structure on both sides. Making it ideal for creating full width panoramic paintings.

Hahnemühle - Cézanne
Water colour blocks 300g
Hahnemühle - Leonardo
Water colour blocks 600g
Hahnemühle - The Grey Book
Hahnemühle - Watercolour Book
60 pages 200 gsm